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Why some women use Grindr to play games with gay men


Can you imagine what would happen if…



Object/Subject Dichotomy ?

Feminists love dehumanizing and mocking people. The M&M’s argument anyone? Also just about anytime you try to debate one on here you get a post filled with colorful gifs and no common sense/sources/facts just there to be obnoxious.

I’m not surprised they can’t seriously sit down and discuss these women’s choice not to follow feminism.

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Keep in mind that painting your face black isn’t blackface. Blackface is a horrible cacophony of stereotypes plaid out by a non-black person, to make black people appear to fit said stereotypes including but not limited to: being uneducated, being stupid, eating watermelon or…

Male: “Sorry…I don’t date women with small tits”

*Feminist outrage*

Female: “Sorry…I don’t date men with small cocks”

*Nothing happens*



The Tower of David, an unfinished skyscraper in downtown Caracas, has been the home of 3,000 people for the past several years. Now, the world’s tallest slum is being evacuated:

Photograph by Sebastian Liste.



if anyone ever fat shames you just crush their fucking skull 

Someone say something you don’t like? Use violence!! God you’re all a bunch of 12 year olds.

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Jezebel praises some dumb feminist that lives in Minneapolis, MN for filming so-called encounters with street harassers.

In this one she harasses these guys because she overheard one guy say to his friend “Minnesota chicks are hot” as he walked by. Is this what passes for street harassment nowadays? [video]

In one video she berates two men because they were looking at her for too long. I guess a 3 second stare is considered street harassment. [video]

In another she approaches a man who says that he’s on dope and addicted to heroin. He said that he smelled her and that he’s a wolf. Y’know, crazy shit a junkie would say. [video]

In this one she takes offense to a man who merely says “you’re pretty” as she’s walking by. How the hell is that harassment? What, because she doesn’t want certain people to talk to her? Welcome to the United States where people are allowed to talk to other people without written consent, you stupid twat. Poor Umar, I don’t think she’s gonna call you bro but she’s more than willing to put your phone number on blast. [video]

If you watch her other videos you can tell exactly what she’s doing. She walks around the downtown metropolitan area waiting to capture what is usually black men who appear to be homeless with some kind of disorder saying rude things to her — or just talking to her without her written, enthusiastic consent. In fact, out of the 14 videos she has uploaded, 9 of them feature black men. Go figure that she would target these people because if you’ve ever met a homeless person they are often times very ill mannered usually due to living on the street for an extended period of time, having a history of mental illness, a traumatic brain injury, and/or alcohol and drug additions.

According to a 2012 statewide Minnesota study on the homeless, 54% are black in the metro area where she films these encounters. Of the long-term homeless, 60% of adults have a serious mental illness, 26% have a substance abuse disorder diagnosis, 61% of homeless men have been incarcerated, and 34% of homeless adults report a cognitive impairment (confusion, memory issues, or indecisiveness to the point that it interferes with daily activities). An article from 2013 states that the homeless problem is getting worse in Minnesota despite a better economy

It appears that she is most likely exploiting homeless men with possible mental illnesses and/or substance abuse problems in the metro area to make it seem as if street harassment is a huge issue. It isn’t. The real issue is the homeless problem in downtown Minneapolis and the dismissal of people with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems.

But don’t pay any attention to that, cat calling is a national emergency because how dare anyone say anything to them that they don’t like! OPPRESHUN!!!

I have to wonder though how long it took her to get 14 filmed encounters since she uploaded her first video a week ago. Many of them don’t even qualify for harassment, just rudeness or her exaggerating the situation by making something out of nothing. That’s femtards for ya!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Don't you know? Men don't have real emotions, so it doesn't matter if you toy with them! /rolls eyes/ I can't believe how stupid some of these people can be.
wangyaoforequality wangyaoforequality Said:





No no no men’s emotions don’t matter because men aren’t oppressed.  Even though gay men face significantly more violence and discrimination in today’s society from homophobia than women do from misogyny.  So men, even gay or trans mens’ emotions simply do not matter, because you have to be oppressed before your feelings matter.  And as a feminist I say men are not oppressed!  No matter what!

Yay feminism!!!

ok but privilege and oppression nearly always intersect.

so gay men are oppressed by homophobia, i don’t believe anyone denies that, but they (especially white cis gay men) can still be misogynist, racist, and transphobi

trans men have shown some of the sameprejudices (warning for outdated terminology and casual cissexism)

men have male privilege. they can certainly be oppressed, but they are not systematically oppressed for being male thank you and goodbye. 

What fucking point are you making?  I think you missed my entire point which was, plain and simply, men’s feelings should matter.  Feminists like to mock men’s feelings all the time, citing that they are not oppressed as an excuse to completely disregard their feelings even when terrible shit happens to them.

Why are you and other feminists/SJWs so insistent on pointing out that “men aren’t oppressed for being men” (although I could point out a huge handful of ways men are discriminated against by law on the basis of their sex, which quite literally is systematic oppression)?  Like, I wasn’t even trying to say that men are oppressed for being men, I was pointing out how ridiculous it is to say that a man “cannot" be oppressed because he is a man.  Which is a point that so many feminists I’ve seen using the "male tears" stereotype constantly bring up.

So please, explain to me how that stupid fucking lecture bore any goddamn relevance to my original post?  And explain to me how you’re not an extremist, hateful and bigoted SJW for basically arguing in favor of mens’ emotions being dismissed on the basis of the existence of an oppression element.

I would also like to add that privilege is not something that’s supposed to be lodged against people as a way to invalidate them. It’s basically just supposed to be “Oh, you have this privilege, so you can’t relate to a specific part of my background.” That’s basically it. Not, “Oh, you have this privilege, so that means you’re scum and you’re a rapist bigot asshole.” Have I ever been misogynist, racist, or transphobic? No, but I still get vicious hate every day on this fucking site because I am a transman. Sure, I may be more advantaged than transwomen, but does that mean I haven’t suffered abuse, depression, anxiety, and lived through a period of homelessness amongst other things? No, it certainly does not. And I don’t deserve to be told I’m less valid than other people because of a privilege I may have.